Concept Art​​​​​​​
3ds Max, Substance Painter, blender, Photoshop 
Visuals designed for my Instagram account.
Each artwork comes with a short story,  explaining its meaning, and making it more interesting and immersive.
After modeling some environment elements in 3ds Max, they are painted in Substance Painter.  Afterwards, they are placed in blender, where lights, cameras and whole scenery is created. After rendering the image, final details are addded in Photoshop. Characters' models are taken from Mixamo.
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Trappist-1e exoplanet.
Thanks to new spacesuits, NASA astronauts were finally able to explore the exoplanet, as the research showed there are many deposits of accumulated energy there.
Obtaining the energy was crucial, beacuse Earth fuel supplies were nearly depleted.
A group of 10 most experienced astronauts, equipped with GEOScanners began the mission.
After 2 long days, one of the astronauts saw a strange structure in the middle    of the rocky desert, with a huge sphere floating in the air.
As he got closer, he turned on his radio to inform his teammates about the likely success of the mission.
Suddenly, after several words, the sphere exploded, revealing massive amounts  of energy. The astronaut didn't have time to react and got crushed by a huge boulder.

Last man standing

Mission: Artemis X.
Astronauts completed the mission on Mars. Now it's time to go back home.
As they leave the orbit of the Red Planet, a sudden blast shatters the cabin. 4 crew members immediately jump into the evacuation capsules. 
Unfortunately, one of them refuses to detach... Artwork shows the unlucky astronaut – alone in space.

Weapon X

Spetember 2096.
ABG Industries Research Facility.
In secret, best scientists and biotechnology experts from around the world conduct research on developing so-called “Weapon X”. It is supposed to be a giant robotic creature with enormous strength and mobility, capable of handling the whole army of soldiers himself. .

In the middle of XXII century, planet Earth was overpopulated, with robots      and humans occupying every scrap of land.
There was nowhere to hide, as drones with cameras were tracking every possible move or action.
Asylums were only places where one could feel safe and not followed. They were heavily armored and strengthened by a force field.
They were built by the richest corporate CEOs from around the world.
Seemingly safe objects were in fact hubs, where illegal business, corruption     and top secret political agreements soon became commonplace.
The artwork shows one of the Asylums.
Temple of Clouds

After The Droids Uprising in 2313 which mankind had lost to the last bit, human survivors start exploring space, searching for a way to become stronger and recapture Earth.
Soon, they realise there is only one hope – Temple of Clouds on Htoh planet, at the centre of the Andromeda Galaxy. The Temple accumulates the thermodynamic energy in its Crystal. This energy if successfully harvested, will help defeat Droids. 
The artwork shows two female astronauts and X7 Drone locating the Temple.
The Kernel

With increasing numbers of robots spreading across the Earth, the monopolist of robotic AI operation systems "OSiris" realized it won’t be able to easily follow the development of their creations. In order to keep track of the most intelligent robots they created a virtual training facility called the Kernel – just like the core part of robots' systems.
Updating robots are automatically grouped in tens and put into virtual environment. When a robot finds out how to get to the top of the Kernel, he gets his OS upgraded with a special development tracker.
The artwork shows 9 struggling robots fighting their way up and one winner on top of the Kernel.
Behind the scenes 
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