JW GROMJW 2305 | Military Unit GROM named in honour of the Silent Unseen of the Home Army
 The unseen & silent; The Surgeons
One of the five special operation forces units of the Polish Armed Forces. Officialy activated in 1990
Official JW GROM logo – eagle holding thunderbolt
2020 - 30th anniversary of GROM unit activation

On this occasion, a logo design competition was announced

The key was to create a symbol that resembles official GROM logo as much as possible but also clearly informs about the anniversary

My design was selected the winner
I decided that the best place to insert necessary information about the 30th anniversary is going to be the thunderbolt
I focused on refreshing the original logo design to make it up-to-date. 
After that I decided that the best place to insert necessary information about the 30th anniversary will be the thunderbolt
Strength and Honor! For you, Fatherland!
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